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TalkIt AI brings the power of data science and artificial intelligence to every business.

About Talkit AI

The Smartest Voice Assistant For Your Brand

The independent voice AI application helping brands build custom voice experiences

Talkit AI combines the smartest voice AI with engineering expertise to help brands build conversational voice assistants. With a customizable and scalable AI voice Assistant , we have the tools to build a highly accurate and responsive voice user interface.

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More than Solutions

Talkit AI Application provides an AI backend for
your application to create conversational experiences

Recognizes user context

Learns your App’s UI to support any conversation or workflow

voice recognition

Works with any Domain

Trains on your App’s unique vocabulary automatically

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Easily innovate and iterate

Talkit AI has a set of tools for defining and analyzing conversational flows to quickly improve

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About Talkit AI

Developer-friendly suite
of tools

Talkit AI, a simple but powerful IDE, is tailored to the challenges of voice interface design. Write and test conversational scenarios, maintain dialog versions, and publish the results to a sandbox or the production environment.

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Platform Independent

Instant integration for any platform

With lightweight Talkit AI SDKs, you can target any platform and any device. Design a voice interface once and deploy it to Web, iOS, Android, and cross-platform solutions: Flutter, Ionic, Apache Cordova, React Native, and even Power Apps. You won’t have to rebuild it separately.


Business Intellegence

Advanced Conversational Analytics

Talkit AI captures key data points such as users' utterances, frequency of use, and session length to let you see how customers interact with a voice assistant in your app. Leverage this data to understand users' behavior and flows, identify unhandled voice commands, and optimize the voice assistant effectiveness.

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Own the conversation with the Talkit AI Voice Assistant

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  • Enable a human-like interface on your app
  • Increase app adoption through voice onboarding
  • Engage users’ attention to decrease app abandonment
  • Provide a personalized voice experience for every user
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  • Outsource low-level tasks to a voice assistant and lower operating costs
  • Onboard and train employees through voice
  • Increase safety by reducing task interruptions with hands-free workflows
  • Maximize your operations performance
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  • Give customers human-like support 24/7
  • Reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction
  • Educate customers on products and services
  • Provide an ADA compliant voice interface to address accessibility issues
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Voice Marketing

  • Reinforce and enhance your brand identity
  • Advertise products with voice throughout the customer journey
  • Obtain new customer insights from the voice channel
  • Increase customer conversion and engagement

Industry Use Cases

Increase checkout conversions and customer satisfaction

Talkit.AI creates easy usability and increased ROI through intelligent up-sell and cross-sell recommendations of the products. A two-way interaction which will urge users to be engaged within the app

Provide personalized and scalable at home care

Voice assistants are a natural fit for the health care industry because of the high volume of information involved and the hands-free nature of the technology

Add Voice AI to Anything!!

Your voice roadmap is a critical extension of your brand. Therefore, Talkit AI lets customers interact with your products using your own branded wake words. This allows you to control your product and strengthen user experiences with your fully owned built-in voice assistant.


"We were having 100K installers of our Online food Ordering app. Customers were just fine with the current app. I too didn’t think to invest in Voice Assistant feature. But to a help! You never know what your customer needs unless you have someone to ask them. Talkit AI Voice Assistant feature was a boon to my app."

Daniel Brown
Project Manager

"As we are in Transportation industry, our users need instant support at any situation and at any time. Integrating Talkit AI Voice Assistant feature users are enabled to ask for exactly what they want by giving them real insights based on current scenarios."

Ritika Gadh
Technical Specialist

"Many devices we use every day utilize voice assistants. They’re on our smartphones and inside smart speakers in our homes. The main aim of the Voice Assistant feature in our E-commerce app was to Increase customer satisfaction and product discovery. With Talkit AI we got more options and features than we thought"

Chris Martin
Director Technology

"Technology is constantly advancing and changing, and integrating voice assistant in a huge CRM software was a way more tedious task. As an Owner, I was not at all ready to take this humongous step. But to my surprise, as I discussed my project with Talkit AI Team I was relieved that they will handle this perfectly! "

James Matt

"Many thanks to Talkit AI Team. They are highly professional and enthusiastic team! They offer a great product and ensure exceptional customer service to help use their product in fullest. They always explain everything in details to make maximum engagement with the users. I would surely recommend them"

Andrea Rosa
Digital Brands Manager

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